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MultiValue Control

A ComboBox Control to accept and show multiple values for a field by showing a list of checkboxes.

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In order to use this control, at two files must be present in the deployment folder:


The deployment folder is located at the following location under a default client install: <ApplicationData>\Microsoft\Team Foundation\Work Item Tracking\Custom Controls.

Fields associated with multivalue control should have list of suggested values and each value enclosed in square brackets. For example:

<FIELD name="Triage" refname="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Triage" type="String" reportable="dimension">
<HELPTEXT>Status of triaging the bug</HELPTEXT>
<SUGGESTEDVALUES expanditems="false">
<LISTITEM value="[Approved]" />
<LISTITEM value="[Investigate]" />
<LISTITEM value="[Rejected]" />
<LISTITEM value="[Submit]" />

Then use MultiValueControl as controltype for that field in Form section, for example:

<Control Type="MultiValueControl" FieldName="Microsoft.VSTS.Common.Triage" Label="Triag&amp;e:" LabelPosition="Left" />

For quering work item based on MultiValueControl field, the control value is treated as a string. To search for items that has a specific list item selected in the MultiValueContorl use the contains operator and don't forget the square bracket when you enter the value. If you are searching for a specific list item selected and only that item is selected use the = operator. If sreaching for item that has more than one list item selected use multipe 'contains' clauses for that field.

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